Saas ERP for Small/ Medium Businesses

Today small and medium sized organisations also has the affordability to use the ERP with the coming of Saas web based services. The main constrains are related to the on premise installation cost, training and maintenance which often becomes nightmare for the small and medium sized companies. Read more

SaaS and Cloud Enterprise Applications Vs Big ERP Systems

Software as a service(SaaS) and cloud computing are the waves of future. Industry analyst says that the SaaS ERP systems are cheaper, faster and easier as compared to the traditional ERP systems, it is enabling the next wave of big ERP deployments. Read more

Before Beginning Your Digital Transformation

The foundation to your digital transformation has to be build first before selecting and implementing a new technology. There should be a solid strategy, plan and tactics that should go with your overall business strategy:
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Best Practices For ERP Implementation

Organisations prefer to implement the ERP systems mostly on an attempt to improve the business processes. Old outdated systems, manual workarounds and incomplete processes makes the current business processes less efficient and there by improve the need for the ERP implementation.
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Business Process Management

Gather requirements and map to business processes
The company will perform a benchmark assessment of key primary performance indicators across all functional area and will deliver the benchmark assessment and a recommendation for next steps. This will include an evaluation Read more

Successful User Adoption

Success user adoption is critical to any project. There are few factors which ensures successful user adoption:

  1. Clearly defined business processes: Clearly defined business processes are important as far as any successful project is concerned. It helps in aligning business strategy Read more