Streamline ERP Cloud Service

Streamline ERP Cloud Service provision a way for organizations to focus on core business activities rather than systems and infrastructure. By using Streamline ERP, we take care of the setup and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and make sure the service is always the system is available, data is secure and system upgrade or enhancements are being done seamlessly. Streamline EPR can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

The following are the major benefits of using Streamline ERP:

  • Cheap initial cost as compared to on premise systems as the organization can start accessing this through the computer’s internet connection
  • Streamline ERP allows you to tailor the cost according to your current business requirements and scale up or down as you require
  • Reduce the cost and unnecessary activities for IT departments as everything being taken care of by the Streamline team
  • Data is stored centrally and easily accessible by using a web browser and available on a real-time basis
  • Our customers are not required to spend their money on purchase and manage the software and related hardware, servers and other facilities related to the IT infrastructure
  • Save money on maintenance of hardware, server rooms etc to ensure the system to be up and running
  • Do not require re-deployment or re implementations in case of the ERP upgrade
  • Streamline ERP offers a predictable, pay-as-you-go subscription model that can make cash flow management and planning much easier
  • Streamline ERP can be upgraded to the latest version and the customization and integrations will be carry forward
  • Streamline ERP delivers better optimized performance than on-premise solutions
  • Streamline ERP architecture is designed from the ground up for maximum network performance, which can mean better application availability than traditional on-site ERP systems
  • Deployment period is less as compared to the other system because of the requirement of less planning.
  • The roll outs to multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions can be done easily without affecting the cost.